ICN 2017 Poster Award to Melanie Ostermann

Melanie Ostermann, PhD student in the Nanotox Group (Supervisors: Mihaela Roxana Cimpan, Alexander Sauter and Bodil Holst) has received the prize for best e-poster presentation at the  ICN 2017 : 19th International Conference on Nanoparticles in Miami, March 9-10, 2017, with the work: “Validation of an Impedance-Based Flow Cytometry Technique for High-Throughput Nanotoxicity Screening”  

Idea meeting for the NANO2021 call

Thank you to everyone who showed up and contributed with great ideas and opinions towards both own and others’ research projects! Researchers from six different departments/institutions contributed in the project idea meeting, where the purpose was to establish local inter-institutional collaborations for the upcoming NANO2021 call, among other calls. Project ideas were presented that involve Read More …